Client Portal Guide

The client portal is a tool that enables you to effectively manage users as you build and test your DailyPay API integration. The portal provides access to upload, download, and track data exchanges for files like user rosters, gross and net earnings, and allows for admin management.


This page will provide an overview of the following high-level metrics:

  • Dollars Transferred from DailyPay to employees in the past 7 days
  • Gross Earnings Reported for all users in the past 24 hours
  • Enrollment of eligible Users (% of employees enrolled in the DailyPay Program)
  • Adoption % of eligible users (% of eligible employees that have made 2 or more transfers with DailyPay)

It also calls attention to important action items related to the Data Exchange (for example, if updates to employee direct deposit information are needed). You will have quick access to the following manual tasks:

  • Download Direct Deposit Updates
  • Upload the most recent Gross Earnings, Net Earnings (Payroll Journal), and User Roster Files

The Search Bar at the top of the screen allows you to locate employee accounts by name or User ID #.

User Tab

ProviderPortalUserTab Here you can see how many employees are enrolled, how many have yet to enroll, and how many have a canceled status. By using the top search bar, you can also locate employee accounts by name or User ID #, or you can filter the employees based on status or pay group. Below are the different user statuses:

  • Active: An employee who has enrolled in DailyPay, but may or may not have made a transfer yet.
  • Canceled: Users who have opted out of DailyPay or a user who has been terminated.
  • Pending: DailyPay has created accounts for these users, but they have not yet completed the enrollment.
  • Review: User who signed up for the DailyPay Program but may require actions before moving to the Active status.

Below are some Review examples:

  • The user enters an invalid bank account, and the DailyPay support team will work directly with the employee to resolve the issue. (Most Common)
  • The user changed their details like first and last name, email or phone number, and the support team needs to review and reconfirm updates with the user.
  • Unusual user activity, such as fraud or frequent cancelation/reactivation.
  • Client-reported accounting or timekeeping issues.

Users Tab: What information can be seen for each employee


When selecting a user, you’ll have visibility into the following data:

  • General Information such as Contact information and User ID.
  • Banking:
    • You can see which DailyPay account is on file in your payroll system.
    • You can see which Bank account is on file in the user’s DailyPay Account Settings as their primary account (where they would like to receive their paycheck on payday).

You will also have the ability to report an employee termination and/or disable their DailyPay account.

  • To report an employee termination, click Report Termination and then indicate how the employee will receive the final paycheck.


  • No Change (final pay only through direct deposit to DailyPay account):
    • If an employee will be paid via direct deposit, choose this option, regardless if the final paycheck is sent off-cycle or on payday.
  • Paper Check (deductions allowed with invoice request from DailyPay):
    • If the employee is in a state that allows “wage discounting” and will be paid via paper check, choose this option.
    • You’ll be prompted to enter the termed employee’s final net pay amount (according to their payroll system), and the portal will return the outstanding DailyPay transfers (amount owed), and the dollar amount that should be given on the final paper check.
    • You then have the option of the remittance to DailyPay, either an invoice or through the DailyPay Account via direct deposit.
  • Paper Check (no deductions allowed):
    • If an employee must receive full pay immediately via paper check only, choose this option. DailyPay will work with the user to recoup the outstanding balance.
  • If you’d like to disable a user, please click Disable Account.

User Statements

Within the User’s Account, you will also have the option to view the employee’s Statements


You can select the current or previous pay periods, and you’ll see the following payment information:

  • The employee's full paycheck, and which amount was transferred before payday and received on payday.
  • All DailyPay transfers the user took within the pay period when they occurred, what type of transfer it was (instant vs. next-day ACH), fees, and which account the payment was transferred to.
  • All payments the user received from the client.

Reporting Tab


Under the Reporting tab, you will have visibility to the following information:

  • Enrollment shows trends of users who have enrolled and adopted the DailyPay benefit.
  • Usage shows the details regarding usage data, such as transfer reason and payment type:
    • ACH transfers
    • Next Business Day Transfers
    • Instant Transfer - Real-Time Payments (or “RTP” for short), is a form of instant transfer that can be sent directly to bank accounts.
  • Compliance shows with full transparency a User’s consent and what is being transferred to the employee.
  • Payday Exclusions shows a list of all users whose remainder payment was not pre-funded for the selected pay date before payday.
  • Within the Other section of the Reporting tab, you can export the following reports which will be sent to the email address associated with the account login:
    • User Report: Shows the user information, status, pay period earnings, available balance, payments, and the associated DPA (DailyPay Account), if applicable.
    • Balance Report: This shows the details of the employee’s DailyPay balance information.

Data Exchange


Within the Data Exchange Tab, you have visibility into seeing the file transmissions with the option to manually upload or download a file for the following:

  • User Roster
  • Gross Earnings
  • Net Earnings (Payroll Journal)
  • Direct Deposit Updated (DDU)

Admin Access


This tab allows you to add or deactivate other admins to the Client Portal.

Adding a new DailyPay Admin

To create a new DailyPay admin, click Create Admin beside the Admin Management header and input their first name, last name, email address associated with their account, and phone number.

  • You can also create a user and assign them to one or more pay groups, to ensure they can only view the user information for the employees in their designated pay group.
  • To disable an existing admin, click the Deactivate User button.


Settings By navigating to the Settings section of your account, you have the option to subscribe to receive email alerts if any file is needed.



Should you have any questions, please contact your Client Manager or Client Support: